IPTLD - kinder gentler chemo

Alternative Chemo Therapy administration without the side effects

Low Dose Chemo - Hyperthermia - Ozone Sauna - IV Oxidation - Nutrition

Avoid dose related side-affects - Enjoy Quality of Life. Continue with your day to day activities.

Chemotherapy and Integrative Oncology Combined

ChemoTherapy, Vitamin C, Oxidation Therapy - Receive the Best of All.

Live a nearly normal life while undergoing chemo therapy treatment

Insulin Potentiated Low Dose Chemo Therapy (IPTLD) to the Rescue
The Basics about Cancer

So what causes Cancer?

You need an intigrative approach – treating the disease as well as the causes.

The main causes are:

  • Emotional Issues
  • Environmental Factors
  • Long term dietary problems
  • Chronic Stress – directly related to Emosional Issues

 We treat YOU from a holistic perspective:

  • IPTLD for the Cancer
  • All the other causes – detoxification – immune support – diet – excercise – to name but a few.

 IPTLD – Insulin Potentiation Low Dose Chemotherapy

With our IPTLD (Insulin Potentiated Low Dose Chemotherapy) we are your answer to kinder, gentler chemo without the terrible side-effects associated with the disease. We believe in the motto that good medicine is not measured by the amount of organs you can remove, but by the amount that you can preserve.

Our Mission Is To

  • Treat the patient as a whole.
  • Focus on the cause of disease.
  • Minimise long term use of pharmaceutical drugs.

IPTLD is your ALTERNATIVE ONCOLOGY approach to CANCER without the side effects.

  • Same ONCOLOGY CHEMO medicine – much less side-effects.
  • Now a CANCER patient can continue with his/her life without having to spend hours or days in hospital due to chemo therapy side-effects. Now you have the ability to spend your time where you see fit.
  • Experience getting better in stead of getting worse after each treatment!

You owe it to yourself to watch the following video!

The TRUTH about Cancer

Am I Really in Remission?

Are your scans clear? But how do you know you are really in remission?

We can now test your CTC’s (Circulating Tumor Cells). This is a very sensitive test, which can monitor a change in your body much earlier than any changes in SCAN’s.

This is the test that you would like to do, in order to really rest assured.

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Which Chemo for Me?

How does your oncologist know which chemo’s are the best for you?

Oncologists don’t know. That is why some people go through chemotherapy with no effects. Then they have to try another recipe.

With our alternative cancer treatment we can now test you individually, to find out which chemo agents are the best for you.

Limit your chances of failure.

For example: Two patients with exactly the same cancer, will not necessarily react the same to the same chemo agents. One may get excellent results, while the other patient’s treatment may fail.

We are affiliated with a lab, where we can have you tested and limit your chance of failure.

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What is IPTLD Alternative Cancer Treatment?

IPTLD alternative cancer treatment is your regular chemo given to you in an alternative way.

With all the benefits but limited side-effects.

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Do I qualify for IPTLD?

IPTLD alternative cancer treatment works well in the following cancers:

  • Breast Cancer, Ovarian Cancer, Prostate Cancer, Testicular Cancer
  • Lung Cancer, Melanoma, Lymphoma – Hodgkin’s and non-Hodgkin’s
  • Colon Cancer, Leukaemia, Mesothelioma, Pancreatic Cancer

All Cancer types where regular Chemo Therapy is recommended are known to react to IPTLD.

  • If your oncologist recommended chemo therapy as part of your treatment plan, you can utilize Insulin Potentiation Low Dose Chemo Therapy.
Other Treatments

We also offer the following other treatments at Cancer SA:

  • Chelation Therapy
  • Bio-Oxidation Therapy
  • Paint Treatment

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The Basics about Cancer

So what causes Cancer and how do we treat it?

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What is IPTLD?

The facts about Alternative Chemo

Other Treatments

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Do I Qualify for IPTLD?

Would my Cancer react to IPTLD?

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